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Digital consultants specialize in transforming your business into a new era using digital strategies and technologies.

Software Development
Software Development

You dream it, we craft it.we turn innovation into a state of art by custom systems and distinguished software engineers.


You dream it, we craft it. we turn innovation into a state of art by custom systems and distinguished software engineers.


Our team believes in the importance of collaboration, sharing knowledge and unlimiting our resources helps us bring your dream into reality.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

We seek to provide every business with a durable and minimal cost infrastructure, which’s why cloud technologies are our specialty.


We use machine learning and artificial intelligence in critical situations for guaranteed results and decisions.




UX/UI, Development & Operation
We played a crucial role in planning, designing, and building the platform's from UX/UI till the production. We managed to integrate Sygma with many other platforms such as Shipedge, Odoo, Oto, Neoleap and …etc. PandoSoft also managed the product's ongoing development and operation.
UX/UI, Development & Operation
The ABN Pay platform was designed and built by PandoSoft and is focused on providing an easy-to-use payment solution for the streaming industry in the MENA region. The platform aims to make it easier, better, and more flexible for users to manage and accept payments online. The scope of the ABN Pay project included planning, analysis, and design of the platform, designing and building the platform’s UX/UI, development, building an integration with Streamlabs and Streamelements to target the streaming audience and providing support and maintenance.



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“Thanks to PandoSoft's commitment, knowledge, and understanding of the project, the client now has a customized platform with excellent designs. The team is professional, flexible, responsive, and timely, and they use Jira, Confluence, GitHub, Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams to collaborate.”

General Manager, SYGMA

Mohammad Al Haj

“Thanks to PandoSoft's efforts, the client has seen an increase in visitors and users on the site. The team manages the project well using several technologies as tools, and they deliver on time and within budget. Moreover, they provide a good all-round service and meet expectations.”


Badr Nouh

“PandoSoft promptly completed the software, which helped the company processes become more seamless. The team worked and accommodated changes in an agile, flexible, and organized manner. Furthermore, they persistently ensured to provide high-quality services in record time.”

Business Development Manager, Integrated Power Solutions

Ahmad Asmar

“PandoSoft effectively and swiftly delivered the web extension, which has been made available on Chrome. They were responsive and understanding throughout the engagement, and the client praised their hard-working teammates.”

Planning and Development Director, SPL

Khawlah Al-Salem

“PandoSoft successfully completed the project and achieved the client's goals. The team seamlessly and comprehensively communicated the project needs. Overall, their helpfulness and speed were the hallmarks of their work.”

Product Manager, Moringa


“PandoSoft completed the project within six months, and the app quickly gained over 10,000 players. The team strictly adhered to the deadlines and was understanding and helpful throughout the engagement. Overall, their passion and consistency led to client satisfaction.”

Founder, trynkets

Amin Shoman